What Can I Offer You?

My own passion for music

My musical expertise

My love of journey

My commitment to help you tap into your creativity

My desire to help you find your voice

Every session is a journey in itself. We never know quite where things will lead. It is more exciting this way. There is no perfect musical journey – just the right one for you

What Instruments Do I Teach?


5-String Banjo

Electric Guitar



My Approach

I like to make every session a musical experience.

With instrument teaching I make sure you have good technique that is effective and right for you (as we do all come in different shapes and sizes!)

I teach you about rhythm and melody through the use of your own voice and own story – i.e. we make up little stories and tunes and sing and play them on our instruments.

I inspire you to think about the quality of sound you are making, how much you like or don’t like it and how you could improve it. So you become a performer!

When we have some basics of musicality and technique in place we talk about where we would like to go next.  You might have a favourite musical style you want to play. Wherever we go, the focus will always be upon you finding your own voice.


What age do you need to be and what will you need to become a musician?

Ukelele – You can start at about 6. You need to have strong fingers and be able to use them independently. You need a bit of determination to learn some chords and strumming patterns and then you will be away and able to play lots of songs and tunes! You will just need an acoustic or if you prefer an electric ukelele!

5-string Banjo – You will need to be about 10 to play the 5-string banjo and ideally you will need one the right size for your size. The chords are easier to play than on the guitar and although a more unusual instrument it is a really fun and cool instrument to play. We will play around with elements of pop, rock, blues and bluegrass. You can buy small banjos at a price. You may find some on e-bay or somewhere else second-hand. Before you contact me please check that your banjo has 5 strings and not 4 – otherwise it is an Irish banjo and I only teach 5-string!

Electric Guitar  You will need to be at least 8 to play the electric guitar and you will need to buy a 1/2 or 3/4 size depending on your height and strength. In addition you will need a strap and a medium plectrum. The neck is narrower than a classical guitar making the chords easier to play. The instrument is heavy and the steel strings can feel sharp to young fingers to start with.  You can play pop, rock, folk and create your own songs and music. You can enjoy strumming, finger picking, bending notes and other affects. If you like tech and gadgets along with your music making, this could be the instrument for you!

Voice – You can start at any age! You need a desire to express yourself and it helps if you like to be heard!  You only need yourself.

Other Things You Need to Know

I teach you to play instruments by ear (meaning that we won’t be using books or reading notation) We will use song words and chord symbols (all on a screen – no paper or music stands!)  You may want to take a print out of a song home to practice or I am happy to send you a digital copy. You may also want to record me on your phone or another digital device playing/singing songs in the lesson so you can play along with the recording at home

All you need at home is a way of tuning your instrument. This could be a tuning fork, a keyboard or, an electronic tuner or a tuning app.

Cost of Sessions

£35 – Adults and children (1 hour)

£40 – One parent and child together

Please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.


01460 78285