About Me

Hi, I live in Somerset UK with my husband and son who is 14. I help highly sensitive adults and children to connect with their gifts, enabling them to find happiness, a greater sense of well-being and fulfilment in their lives.

I love to help people to embrace their sensitivities – to manage the challenges and celebrate all the wonderful things about being sensitive. A significant part of my work is to help people find their voice.

Music is life to me – the tapping of my keys right now, the running of the tap, the squeaky crunch of the snow outside. Rhythm and pattern are a daily experience and when I let go of my voice the best feeling is becoming part of that bigger picture of life.

As a voice teacher I invite you into this world where music is more than a lesson and learning techniques and tunes. I invite you to experience the bigger picture of music inside of you and around you. And all you need is yourself. Please contact me if you would like help with finding your voice.

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