Your Comments

“Thanks for the session today . . .I was actually thinking on the way home about things, and I think I do mumble quite a lot, probably through lack of self-belief and confidence, and I found myself projecting my voice considerably more.  I stopped in Yeovil to get some groceries, and it is just things like ‘sorry’ when you bump into people, I realise I normally mumble, but I was feeling a lot more confident, and having a conversation with the cashier etc…” Joel

“My four lessons with Jennie so far are my first ever singing lessons. I spent some time online looking at teachers and reading what they had to offer and doing a lot of thinking about what exactly I wanted. I do sing and perform but I was very unhappy with my voice and I was looking for another approach – as a teacher myself I realise how subjective a choice of singing teacher might be, and I was quite nervous about this.
With Jennie I felt a rapid rapport as teacher and learner – she was open and friendly and made me feel confident in myself and in her. She could empathise with what I wanted and we focussed quickly on a systematic approach. Jennie was not that familiar with the particular brand of bluesy Americana that I liked, but we quickly got into a pattern of learning.

The lessons are relaxed and amiable, but also demanding. Jennie is organised and definite, but also flexible, responding to my own ideas and being supportive as well as giving direction. Technical considerations are worked on as and when they arise. The exercises Jennie gives me I find particularly valuable. Jennie is very good at identifying and analysing my difficulties and short-comings and providing ideas and suggestions about how to improve. As we proceed I can feel the lessons getting more detailed and specific as I learn more.

I feel so far that I have made very good progress (although I don’t know what I expected) – in fact I am astonished at this point at the voice that Jennie has managed to get out of me and I will approach future lessons with her with a renewed confidence and I feel a solid basis to continue.”