Ukelele Student

“When my son gave me a ukulele I felt obliged to learn how to play it and decided to look for a tutor. Apart from a couple of years of piano lessons at primary school I had never played an instrument.

Finding Jennie was a big bonus, she is very patient and understanding. Things that must seem so easy to her but so complex to me are explained and practiced in a relaxed, pressure free environment.

We have touched on some theory, on my need to know level which she always judges right.  She is encouraging and engaging.

She has also got me singing. Again this is done in a fun way, using accents or singing our weekly events to each other.  We have also done a bit of song writing.

The whole journey is enjoyable and the destination could be anywhere as we are always taking detours exploring other avenues”


Voice Student

“Thanks for the session today . . .I was actually thinking on the way home about things, and I think I do mumble quite a lot, probably through lack of self-belief and confidence, and I found myself projecting my voice considerably more.  I stopped in Yeovil to get some groceries, and it is just things like ‘sorry’ when you bump into people, I realise I normally mumble, but I was feeling a lot more confident, and having a conversation with the cashier etc…” Joel