Musical Doodle – Sticks in the Garden in April!

One April day we were in the garden all wrapped up because this April was a cold one. We didn’t know what to do and my son particularly was getting bored so I thought ‘Why not play sticks?’

I have deliberately left these videos unedited because not everything in life should be. And because they are doodles! I hope you enjoy our creations.

The 3 of us
The 2 of us

More doodles to follow…

Are You Hiding Your Artist?

  • I am such an artist, I have to play Blues for my soul.
  • I am such an artist that can only play music if I am inspired.
  • I am such an artist that sometimes I am so sensitive to the light that I can only wear white.
  • I am such an artist that my deep sensitivity means that I can’t wear make-up or dye my hair.
  • I am such an artist that I can only wear plain clothes – no fancy shapes or patterns.
  • I am such an artist that I have 102 pairs of glasses to choose from because I am sensitive to my eye gaze and need my vision to be on point to be able to function.
  • I am such an artist that my deep sensitivity means I can’t listen to acoustic instruments easily and need to work with sound that I can change and mold to how I am hearing sound in any moment.
  • I am such an artist that my deep sensitivity means that I can only work with tunes and rhythms that resonate in the moment.
  • I am such an artist that I can barely find enough heart and soul and authenticity in the musical world to truly inspire me to want to be part of it.
  • I am such an artist that I can’t always do the mundane.
  • I am such an artist that I can’t always do small talk.
  • I am such an artist that as a teacher, I will kindly but firmly draw the best from you, following my intuition all the way.
  • I am such an artist that I need a lot of help and encouragement and recognition to feel good. 
  • I am such an artist that I need to feel seen and heard and appreciated.
Just turning the negative that I have listened to all my life into the positive!

A Piano Loop – Winter Wondering

There is something about the energy of January which makes me want to create strong rhythmic bright music. I feel the blue and violet of the light coming through the winter dimness.

Happy New Year – Saying it with Sound!

Hi everyone, My music always comes with a story and this is story of today’s track.

I created this loop back in December 2018. It was called ‘Happy Christmas’. But I was having a problem with the volume on my track. When I tried to put up the volume on Audacity, it didn’t translate to playing it at the right once volume when it was imported.

So some of my tracks sat unheard in a file! Until I worked out that I had a settings problem in Audacity.

And the motto of the story is that timing is everything. Sometimes we have a voice but no-one can hear it. Sometimes we have a voice and we are heard.

Happy New Year!

A Piano Loop – Frosty Day!

I have been getting into music tech in a big way. We have bought cables and boxes and more cables and boxes! And a midi controller. And I have been studying Ableton, a great DAW for composition.

But today – a frosty day in January, none of the kit was working for my ears or my soul! The kit couldn’t capture the sound of my keyboard in my dining-room on a frosty day. It kept changing it and containing it and perfecting it. And I wasn’t going to have any of it!

So . . . I recorded myself playing the accompaniment on my good old keyboard and I then recorded myself playing the tune over the top on my good old camera! And now you can hear me playing my keyboard in my dining-room on a frosty day!

Silent Night – Where Cacophany Meets Harmony!

This is Silent Night as you have never heard it before. My looper pedal just kept surprising me as I built up the layers. I know there are a few wrong notes but it was very exciting. I felt as if my room was being filled with violin players! I could do another take but would never be able to capture the moment again. If you get through the first half you will get to hear the country twist. Hope it makes you smile!

Raw Acapella – ‘Dem Doctors Don’t Know Everything!’

Hi, sometimes it just good to sing something from your heart. As my son and I have colour sensitivity, our journey is a complicated one. I am not anti-doctors but lets just say that sometimes when you have a life to live, their opinions can get in the way!

Guitar Loop – Heart Opening May!

Hi, May is an amazing month for me. The light just feels a whole lot better than any other time of the year.  It is just bright enough for me to still be able to perceive some of the red and orange light from winter but not too bright so that the blue of mid summer dominates and drains the colours. And it makes me feel like opening my heart wide. I hope you enjoy my loop.

Musical Doodle – The March of the Computer Keyboard!

Musical doodles are important things. They help to punctuate your day with feeling. I don’t deliberately doodle – they just sort of happen  – and then I realise that I am enjoying the feeling, the rhythm, the sound. And it is a moment.

So next time you find yourself musically doodling – go on, let go and see where it wants to take you.

Voice Acapella – Priming the Well Pump

Finally my pre-amp has arrived so I am able to get some sound out of my microphone. I am just having fun playing with my voice and creating layers. This is called ‘Priming the Well Pump’. I hope you enjoy it.

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