Following My Ears – Going Electric!



Hi everyone

So. . . it is late August . . . and time for me to formulate some thoughts about my musical journey.

Well. this year, back in May for my Birthday I had an electric guitar. This was a well-thought out decision. My 10 year old  son, who like me is all things sensitive, has a problem with the sound of acoustic instruments and in my journey to help him I discovered I had the same issue. I suddenly understood why I had always felt so tense and found it so tiring playing my instruments. So I decided to go electric and it is SO much better for my ears and my brain! I tried an electric violin but was really disturbed by the fact that the sound comes out from somewhere far away – the amplifier – and not directly from the action of my bow.  This made me feel disconnected to the music that I was making. When I play electric guitar this doesn’t bother me though. I feel so relaxed just sitting with the guitar on my lap and my arms and fingers feeling free. It has a clean sound with less resonance to disturb my ears and for the first time ever, I am truly happy playing an instrument!

Having received my guitar and then bought an amplifier, I still wanted more kit! This seems to be the way when you go electric. You can’t make do with a box of rosin and a new string any more! The effects pedals weren’t quite me but I really wanted a looper pedal so I could record over patterns that I have created and make layers of music to my heart’s content.  So now I have a looper pedal but of course next I found I needed another lead (as you do!) So when my lead arrives I will be starting to loop my loops! Please look out for my videos.


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